Laurie Ghiz

MA Clinical Psychology

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

MA Acupuncture (Chinese Style)

Diplomate of Acupuncture, Licensed Acupuncturist--

Dipl. Ac, (NCCAOM), LicAc

Certified in Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture)

I have been in the mental health field for 30 years.  My areas of training and expertise in therapy include eating disorders, various anxiety and depressive disorders, and people in recovery from alcohol and drugs.  I have worked with people with a variety of problems and diagnoses not listed.  I have authored publications on Compulsive Eating and Body Image Issues in Older women.  Having been in recovery from compulsive eating or what is now known as Binge Eating Disorder for over 30 years, I am well versed in how it feels to struggle with and recover from an eating disorder.






My approach to therapy is mainly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is a form of treatment that focuses on examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. By exploring patterns of thinking that lead to self-destructive actions and the beliefs that direct these thoughts, people can modify their patterns of thinking to improve coping.  I use a variety of techniques in therapy, trying to find what will work best for you. These techniques are likely to include dialogue, interpretation, cognitive reframing, journal keeping, drawing, and reading books.  I may incorportate some acupuncture and holistic health into the therapy if a client is open to these methods.  This may include press balls, essential oils and/or nutritional counseling and supplementation dependent upon a client's diagnosis and symptomatic presentation.  However, a more traditional style of therapy without the use of any holistic intervention or suggestions is possible if that is the client's preference.  My goal is to help guide and empower each client to take ownership of his/her own journey towards healing and health.


As an acupuncturist, I came to acupuncture through my own journey of healing.   After struggling with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal insufficiency and food allergies for many years, these conditions worsened in 2008.  I treated with countless conventional and holistic medical doctors and not finding any solutions or improvement, I became very discouraged.  If the symptoms worsened or didn't respond to the recommendations made by conventional practitioners, I was told my problems were psychological.  Being a psychotherapist I KNEW it was not emotional or psychological and I didn't do this to myself.  I went from running 5 miles a day to barely being able to walk my arthritic dog down my street without feeling totally exhausted.  I had to take sick leave from my job due to lack of energy, an inability to sleep even though I was exhausted and lack of focus/foggy thinking. 


Feeling dejected, misunderstood and unsupported with nowhere to turn in my quest for health, I began to educate myself and research how I could feel better.  Through a Hashimoto’s online group I learned of someone who was cured of food allergies through something I’d never heard of before called NAET treatments (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) which is a form of acupuncture.  I found an acupuncturist in my area trained in this specific technique and saw improvement with the first treatment and continued improvement over time (reduced hives, reduced fatigue/increased energy).  Through muscle testing (by my acupuncturist), I learned that I was allergic to the thyroid medication I had been taking (pig hormone) and was causing some of my symptoms. 


During the time I was trying to heal myself, I was laid off from my job.  Given that acupuncture had helped me so much I decided to enroll in acupuncture school part-time as my energy and focus weren’t quite back to normal.  It was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Through dietary changes and nutritional supplementation I was able to get through the program successfully.  What sustained me through the difficulty and intensity of the acupuncture program was focusing on how I could help others by utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine.  While I still struggled with fatigue in the subsequent years, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) which through my own research learned can be the main cause for thyroid problems.  Since I switched my focus from my thyroid to treating the EBV through herbal remedies, supplements and some further dietary changes and eliminations my energy level as well as thyroid antibodies have improved significantly.


Through acupuncture, holistic nutritional choices and stress reduction/lifestyle changes healing can begin for anyone seeking to improve his/her own mental and physical health.  If you would like to be on the road to recovery from whatever health struggle you are in, please call me to schedule an appointment at 508-769-0039.





Laurie Ghiz, LMHC, Dipl. Ac, (NCCAOM), LicAc

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Laurie Ghiz