"I cannot believe that I am no longer in pain. The only thing that changed was that I dropped 10 pounds, started walking and exercising and I did acupuncture with you. I don't even think about my shoulders and back anymore after 10+ years.  NEVER in a million years would I have ever thought that Acupuncture would of worked before this. Now I'm a believer."  DT

"My first visit of acupuncture to treat my back and carpel tunnel was great, got immediate relief on the first visit! She's very knowledgeable and helps to heal you from the root of the problem. Not mask it. Thank you. I highly recommend!" PM

"I have been going to Laurie for the past several years for stress related neck/back issues.  Prior to this I had been to numerous other doctors, chiropractors, PT's and massage therapists - and other acupuncturists....to no avail.   Laurie's treatment for me provided immediate and long term relief for my condition.   I would not hesitate to recommend Laurie to all friends and family.  It was a miracle cure....and my visits now are less frequent because of the long term lasting effects of my therapy."  Lisa

"I began seeing Laurie to help with anxiety and relationship issues.  I love that she is very down to earth and real.  I immediately felt comfortable talking with her and I feel like I can talk to her like I would a friend.  I also love her flexibility, she is always willing to work with my schedule to fit me in, and she is accessible and very responsive.  I always leave feeling like I have a better handle on my thoughts and emotions and have a good plan for the next week until I see her again. I would highly recommend her!"  Julie